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Welcome to Crusty Windows

the wiki for the extensive Windows bootleg archive of Computernewb that anyone can edit.
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Bootleg of the month

The desktop of a fresh install of Windows The Avengers

Windows The Avengers is a bootleg Windows XP edition, released sometime in 2014 and added to the archive on December 12th, 2021. It is known for having a comically bad installer and theme, and for possibly birthing various bootleg offsprings.

As the name suggests, the OS is themed after the Marvel movie The Avengers, specifically the 2012 film. Appropriately, the OS comes with several themes based on that movie (along with some other unrelated themes). By default, the theme is set to an Windows 7 Aero-esque style complete with transparent borders and effects. The bootleg has a WPI with extra software, like many others.

Despite the fact that the OS itself is in English, several pieces of software bundled with the OS comes in Arabic.

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We now have a Discord server!
Crusty Windows now has its own Discord server. You can use it to discuss the Crusty Windows project, wiki, or just Windows/Linux/MS-DOS/... bootlegs in general, submit bootleg ISOs for the collection or just hang out! You can also get notified of future updates to the collection if you join the Discord server. Another good place to look is in the wiki changelog. So... what are you waiting for? Join here!
We are searching for ISOs!
A list of currently lost bootlegs that are being searched for can be found here or in the #bootleg-hitlist channel in our Discord server. If you have any of the ISOs we're looking for, please email us at OR join our Discord so we can add it to our collection!