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Welcome to CrustyWindows

the bootleg archive that anyone can edit.
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Quelitu is a bootleg Linux distribution created by "Waves of the Future", as a "lightweight alternative" for Ubuntu for those who wish to "recycle" their computers. Yeah...

The version of Quelitu on the archive is 2.11.04, based on Lubuntu 11.04, which is the last version released as a standalone OS. Nowadays, the OS comes as an installable program which converts existing installations of Ubuntu into Quelitu. As of this writing, the latest version of Quelitu supports Ubuntu 20.04.

The operating system was created by an environmental activist group called "Waves of the Future" to allow people to "recycle" their computers. Appropriately, the default theme has been changed to have a more green tone. The installer has been updated to be far more simplistic. Other than the theme and mild installer changes, the OS is mostly the same as stock Lubuntu 11.04.

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We now have a Discord server! CrustyWindows now has its own Discord server. You can use it to submit isos, discuss the project/wiki, or just hang out! Join Here.
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We now have a new (and stolen) Main Page! We spent about an hour wasting our lives away trying to fix the mistakes that the Wikimedia Foundation have made, and we hope you enjoy it!
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We are searching for ISOs! A list of currently lost bootlegs that are being searched for can be found here. If you have these ISOs, please email us at [email protected] OR join our Discord so we can add it to our collection!