Crusty Windows bootleg
The desktop of MiniXP
The desktop of MiniXP
Original OSWindows XP SP3
Release dateFebruary 2, 2016
Architecture(s)x86 (32-bit)
File size222.8 MiB
Download linkMiniXP.iso
Date addedDecember 12, 2021
Live CDNo

MiniXP is a bootleg Windows XP SP3 edition, which was created by Damian9303. It released on February 2, 2016, and was added to the archive on December 12, 2021.


The bootleg is a stripped down Windows XP SP3 ISO. Many things have been removed from the OS, as you would expect in a mod like this. The most notable part about this bootleg is that it is one of the first ever bootlegs to use the name "MiniXP", other than that nothing else interesting can be seen in this bootleg. Except maybe the OEM branding.

It is unattended and preactivated. The bootleg was made using nLite

Changes from Windows XP SP3

Minor changes

  • OEM branding is included, along with Support Information

Changes in pre-desktop procedures

  • The setup uses the Windows 2000 style
  • The pre-OOBE segment is skipped

Look and feel

  • Luna has been removed
  • All the cursors and sounds are removed


Bootleg quirks

  • This bootleg uses an existing "lite XP" ISO base from November 6, 2010. As a matter of fact, the volume creation date says November 6, 2010. If anything, this bootleg is actually a fork of another lite ISO with the author's branding added to it!
  • Setup expects a oemlogo.bmp file, but it will not copy.

WINNT.SIF metadata

  • The full name and organization is set to "MiniXP User" and "Made by Damian9303 2016".
  • The workgroup name is set to "WORKGROUP".