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the wiki for the extensive Windows bootleg archive of Computernewb that anyone can edit.
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The desktop of Windows XP Ganja Edition

Windows XP Ganja Edition is a bootleg Windows XP SP3 edition, which was created by cropptown89/Ziomek. It released on November 1, 2009, and was added to the archive on December 9, 2021.

The bootleg is a modified Windows XP SP3 ISO, which comes with DriverPacks LAN/WLAN/Chipset and mass storage drivers along with many updates integrated, which is a bit slimmed down. It comes with a completely new look, featuring ganja, rasta, weed, and everything inbetween! Along with a icon set, a new wallpaper, among many other things. A lot of things are removed. It is unattended and preactivated.

The ISO was made using nLite on Windows XP SP3.


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Crusty Windows now has its own Discord server. You can use it to discuss the Crusty Windows project, wiki, or just Windows/Linux/MS-DOS/... bootlegs in general, submit bootleg ISOs for the collection or just hang out! You can also get notified of future updates to the collection if you join the Discord server. Another good place to look is in the wiki changelog. So... what are you waiting for? Join here!
We are searching for ISOs!
A list of currently lost bootlegs that are being searched for can be found here or in the #bootleg-hitlist channel in our Discord server. If you have any of the ISOs we're looking for, please email us at OR join our Discord so we can add it to our collection!