Category:Bootlegs created by TeamOS

TeamOS, known as TeamOS HKRG until 2022, is a bootlegging/pirating community which was created sometime in late 2013. The community was founded by Black_Diamond, IGI30, AkashBhai, and Paradox.

TeamOS has been one of the most prominent and active sources for Windows bootlegs since its founding, and it has produced hundreds of notable bootlegs. While they are most notable today for their numerous Windows 10 and Windows 11 releases, they have also released quite a few Windows 7 bootlegs and even a few Windows XP ones. They even have a Windows 98 bootleg (although stock unfortunately)!

It used to be that anyone could contribute an 'official' TeamOS release, but that has been cracked down on in recent years due to issues with people bundling malware in their releases. Nowadays, a user must submit several releases in their "Registered Users Posts" section in order to prove that they are trustworthy and become verified to release 'official' TeamOS software.

In addition to Windows bootlegs, the forum also has a wide variety of computer software, wallpapers, themes, and even games and eBooks. They also used to distribute movies, but they stopped doing so a few years ago, likely due to copyright complaints.

Some notable bootleggers from TeamOS include, but not limited to: