CrustyWindows:Lost bootlegs

The bootlegs listed below are considered to be lost. There are many ways a bootleg can become lost. Most commonly, it is because all of the websites that hosted the files are offline. Some file hosting sites also delete files if they haven't been downloaded for a while, or if the owner hasn't logged in for a while. A full list of missing ISOs are below.

If you have these ISOs, please email us at or send it in #bootleg-submission in our Discord server so we can add it to our collection! Just keep in mind that it qualifies (or #bootleg-guidelines in the aforementioned Discord) for the archive, or it might get rejected.

This list comes from the #bootleg-hitlist channel in the Crusty Windows Discord server, which is forwarded here, like the other listings. Don't forget to join the Discord server if you haven't already!

List (chronological order)


FOUND, just Windows Extreme Se7en 2010 with a different name
FOUND, Windows 7 Diamond Ultimate
FOUND, it was extracted from the Wayback Machine and added into the collection. Windows 10 Extreme Lite was submitted by another member of the Crusty Windows community
PARTIALLY FOUND, one other version (Simplicity) was found and added to the archive on November 15, 2023. The other versions are found and in fact pending, it's just that they are yet to be uploaded.
FOUND, found on 4shared accidentally by re9177
FOUND, submitted via email by "Uzbek"
FOUND, submitted by undefishin
FOUND, submitted by undefishin