Windows XP 2010 UCV

Windows XP 2010 UCV
Crusty Windows bootleg
Original OSWindows XP SP3 (presumably)
Release date2010
AuthorLander X
Live CDNo

Windows XP 2010 UCV is a lost bootleg Windows XP SP3 edition, which was created by Lander X. It released sometime in 2010.


Sadly the image is missing, so we don't know what this great OS may have looked like. The description claims it is dedicated to the Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV) celebrating 15 years since the author's graduation. Given this the OS presumably had some UCV theming.


It's unknown what software this might've had. The description claims it had "thousands of drivers", which probably just means it comes with DriverPacks.


  • The OS was apparently only sold at the Universidad Central de Venezuela and could only be purchased by students. The price is currently unknown as of this writing.