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Crusty Linux bootleg
The desktop of Quelitu
The desktop of Quelitu
Original OSLubuntu 11.04
Release dateMay 10, 2011
AuthorWaves of the Future
Country of OriginUnited States
File size504 MB
Download linkquelitu-2.11.04.iso

Quelitu is a bootleg Lubuntu 11.04 distribution, which was created by Waves of the Future, as a "lightweight alternative" for Ubuntu, for those who wish to "recycle" their computers, whatever that means. It released on May 10, 2011.

The version of Quelitu on the archive is 2.11.04, based on Lubuntu 11.04, which is the final version released as a standalone OS. Nowadays, the OS comes as an installable program which converts existing installations of Ubuntu into Quelitu. As of this writing, the latest version of Quelitu supports Ubuntu 20.04.


Appropriately for an environmentally-friendly OS, the default theme has been changed to have a more green tone. The installer has also been updated to be far more simplistic. Other than the theme and mild installer changes, the OS is the same as stock Lubuntu 11.04.

Changes from Lubuntu 11.04

  • The default theme has been changed to have a more green-ish tone.
  • The background has been updated to a picture of a galaxy with absurd amounts of text, mostly detailing how to use the operating system.
  • The folder icon has been changed from blue to green.
  • The "start button" has been changed from the blue Lubuntu Logo to the operating system's logo along with the letter Q on a green background.


  • You no longer enter a username, password, or hostname in the setup. Instead, the hostname "ubuntu" is given and a user called "me" is automatically created.
  • The terminal background has been updated to have a green background.