Seven Extremo HD

Seven Extremo HD
Crusty Windows bootleg
The desktop of Seven Extremo HD
Original OSWindows 7 SP1
Release date2012
AuthorLander X
Country of OriginVenezuela
File size5.4 GB
Download linkW7EHDX17.0.iso

Windows Seven Extremo HD 17.0 is a bootleg Windows edition created by Lander X, released in 2012, it seemingly being an older release of Lander X's Seven Extremo HD series of Windows 7 bootlegs, with the latest being 180.0.

Unfortunately, the other editions of this bootleg are paid and currently considered lost, however not unobtainable considering Lander X is active on Twitter and selling bootlegs such as Windows 10 Millionaire and other editions on his new website (as of November 2022.)


The OS is a slightly altered Windows 7, but remains mostly stock. It only has a single theme added along with branding. There are some seemingly unused programs in the root, which may explain its bizarre file size increase (4.7 GB -> 5.4 GB) despite its rather minimal modifications.

Changes from Windows 7

  • The setup background has been changed to a blurry of Lander X and El Pato Macho.
  • The desktop and logonui screen has been replaced with a stock photo of flowers with the author's website placed in the middle.
  • Various programs around the OS have a blurry image of Lander X's face applied to them.


  • System Utilities 12 (Spanish)


  • Lander X is known to have created various other bootlegs on his first website, but they were only sold and as of November 29, 2022 are considered lost, with the exception of Windows XP Prehist√≥rico 2600 which appears to still be for sale.
  • Sometime around the end of Lander's first website, he edited the image seen in the OS blurring out El Pato Macho, and made it black and white.
  • This OS is a meme in Venezuelan circles, frequently joked about on Twitter like in this post.