Crusty Windows bootleg
The command line interface when booted into TinyKRNL
The command line interface when booted into TinyKRNL
Original OSWindows XP
Forked fromPicoXP
Release dateProject start: Early 2006
CW Release: October 18, 2008
Architecture(s)x86 (32-bit)
File size2.88 MiB (combined)
Download linkTinyKRNL 1.img
TinyKRNL 2.img
Date addedDecember 8, 2022
Live CDNo

TinyKRNL is a bootleg live Windows XP environment, which was created by Kenneth. The project originally started in early 2006, but this build in particular released on October 18, 2008. It was added to the archive on December 8, 2022. It is based on PicoXP. It is currently the smallest XP bootleg in the collection, and one of the very few available on floppy disks.


TinyKRNL utilizes Windows Native Mode, which is most notable for being used in the chkdsk tool in vanilla Windows, alongside a custom shell named the Native Command Line Interface (NCLI) to actually run things. Because the Win32 subsystem has been removed, no native Windows programs will run, even if they are command line. In addition, there is also no NTVDM, which means DOS programs will similarly not work. Programs would have to be written from scratch to be used with this OS.

Changes from Windows XP

Changes in pre-desktop procedures

  • New boot graphics

Look and feel

  • The banner and palette when booted is a darkish blue
  • Removal of pretty much everything


Bootleg quirks

  • The copyright text in the version information has a typo at the end - "TinyKRNL OS Projectn".


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