Windows 12 Lite

Windows 12 Lite
Crusty Linux bootleg
Empty Desktop
Empty Desktop
Original OSLinux Lite 3.8
Release date2020
CountryUnited Kingdom
Architecture(s)x86 (32-bit), x86 (64-bit)
File size1.27 GB
Download link[windows12lite-32.iso]
Date addedFebruary 14, 2022
Live CDNo

Windows 12 Lite is a bootleg Linux Lite 3.8 distribution, which was created by Webhouses. It released in 2020. The original 32-bit version was added to the archive on February 14, 2022, while the 64-bit version was added on December 8, 2022.

The copy in the archive is an older version based on Lite 3.8, but there is known to be an updated version based on Lite 4.8.


The bootleg is a modified Linux Lite 3.8 ISO. Despite its name, this is not a Windows bootleg, but rather a Linux bootleg with Windows branding, making it somewhat similar to the infamous Lindows (later renamed Linspire) distribution. The OS was, interestingly, sold physically on a DVD by its creator, making it one of the few modern Linux distributions to be commercially sold. It is no longer for sale on the Webhouses website.

The OS itself is almost a completely stock version of Linux Lite 3.8, except that it has a poorly resized Windows 10 wallpaper with the text "WINDOWS 12 LITE" branded on it

Changes from Linux Lite 3.8

  • The wallpaper has been replaced with a stock Windows 10 wallpaper with the text "WINDOWS 12 LITE" on the bottom. This wallpaper is also present on the lock screen.


  • Firefox 58 ESR
  • XFCE (with a Windows 10 theme)