Windows 2.9

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Windows 2.9
Crusty Windows bootleg
The desktop of Windows 2.9
The desktop of Windows 2.9
Original OSWindows 3.0
Release date2004
Country of OriginGermany
Architecture(s)x86 (16-bit)
File size5.76 MB
Download linkWindows 2.9 Beta (Fake).zip

Windows 2.9 is a bootleg Windows 3.0 edition, which was created by air101. It released to OSBetaArchive sometime in 2004. This bootleg pretends to be a beta version of Windows 3.0.


This bootleg was likely created because, at the time of its release, very little was actually known about Windows 3.0 development. Not a single beta was known to exist, and it wouldn't be until a decade after this bootleg was released that an authentic beta of Windows 3.0 was found (Build 55).

This bootleg is extremely sloppy, as most of the strings still refer to the OS as "Windows 3.0" (despite the setup being labeled "Windows 2.9").

Changes from Windows 3.0

  • The setup now says "Windows Version 2.9 Beta" instead of "Windows Version 3.0". This is also true for the graphical setup (though most of the OS still refers to itself as "Windows 3.0")
  • Some applications have their "About" version changed to say Windows 2.90.


  • WINVER has been removed from this build, resulting in an error trying to copy it. This was likely done because the author couldn't figure out how to hex edit it properly, or to make it feel more like a "beta".
  • Some applications are broken (probably due to a botched hex edit job) - CONTROL.EXE, for example, is completely busted.