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This bootleg is an important part of Crusty Windows history.

Windows 7 FaceBooK Edition 2012

Windows 7 FaceBooK Edition 2012
Crusty Windows Legendary bootleg
Original OSWindows 7 SP1
Forked fromWindows 7 Angry Birds
Release dateAugust 2012
Architecture(s)x86 (32-bit)
File size930 MB
Download link7.FaceBooK.Edition.2012.iso
Date addedAugust 9th, 2022

Windows 7 FaceBooK Edition 2012 is a bootleg Windows 7 SP1 edition created by BossKanae, released in August 2012. It was one of BossKanae's first releases. Once considered lost and one of the most elusive bootlegs known to all in Crusty Windows land, it was rediscovered by Dartz on August 9th, 2022 and uploaded to the Crusty Windows archive on the same day. It also became the new OS for VM 0b0t, a VM on CollabVM, since the 6th revision which was on the same day the bootleg was found, before being superseded by Windows 7 Pony Edition 2015 on the 8th revision.


The bootleg is a modified Windows 7 SP1 ISO, which has been slimmed down with most of its features removed. It is evidently based on Windows 7 Angry Birds (which was released a few months prior and by a different author) as the folder icons (featuring Angry Birds Space) are the same. The bootleg is known to be unstable, many programs refuse to launch and system functions will break for seemingly no reason at all.

On the first boot of the OS, the user is prompted to optionally install various software through the pre-included post installation wizard by the OS customization tool used to make the bootleg. This prompt does not reappear upon reboot, but can be opened again by opening "Unattended Soft" on the Desktop.

Several of the operating system's images have been replaced with a graphic displaying the bootleg's name as well as pictures of a child smiling. The background has been replaced with a giant cartoon smiley face on top of a rainbow background.

The ISO was created using RT 7 Lite.

Changes from Windows 7

  • The setup background has been changed with a giant cartoon smiley face.
  • The start orb has been replaced with a smiley face.
  • The background has been replaced with the same smiley face from the setup pointing a finger at the user.
  • The "logging on" screen has been replaced again with the same cartoon smiley face.
  • The "Computer", "Network", "Recycle Bin", "Control Panel", and user folder icons have all been changed. Explorer has also had some icons changed.


  • Adobe Flash Player
  • BSPlayer Pro 2.58.1058
  • CCleaner 3.11
  • Firefox 15.0b3
  • TeamViewer 7.0.12313
  • UltraBoss
  • VLC 2.0.3
  • Yahoo Messenger 11
  • Winamp
  • WinRAR 4.20

Software on the CD

  • AdGuard 1.10.1525.0
  • Your Uninstaller! v7.3.2011.04 (Installer in Russian)
  • Windows 7 Manager 3.0.0 (with Russificator)
  • RemoveWAT ( and 2.0)
  • ChewWGA


  • In Setup, many special symbols do not render correctly and check boxes look rather strange. The former is due to Marlett, a system font needed for various system symbols not loading in properly, and the latter may be due to a theme issue.
  • During the OOBE portion, the dialog is rendered in Classic mode, probably due to DWM breaking.
  • The included AdGuard installer on the CD is an online installer and therefore cannot be installed because the original servers where the files were hosted are no longer up.
  • Antiviruses (notably Avast) tend to detect explorer.exe as Virut and will attempt to delete it, crippling the system.
  • Occasionally a bug will occur where the logonui wallpaper is replaced with the one from the Angry Birds edition.
  • The icons for the Recycle Bin are switched, with the full icon being empty and vice versa.



  1. This is a reference to a small inside joke which started the day 7 FaceBook Edition 2012 was found and was installed as the main operating system on VM 0b0t.

    The former part "I WAS HERE 2022" is a reference to when collabvm-csharp-user said it on VM 0b0t while the bootleg was being installed, and the latter part "FUCK YOU JOE BIDEN" and "WE WON YOU LOST" is a reference to how Joe Biden was involved in the infamous take down of the file host Megaupload, where Windows 7 FaceBooK Edition was hosted, and an excerpt from a text file that was on the original snapshot of the early FaceBooK-era VM 0b0t snapshots.

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