Windows Crystal Edition

Windows Crystal Edition
Crusty Windows bootleg
The desktop of Windows Crystal Edition
The desktop of Windows Crystal Edition
Original OSWindows for Workgroups 3.11
Release dateJuly 26, 2006
Architecture(s)x86 (16-bit)
File size22.9 MB
Download linkWindows Crystal Edition.7z
Date addedDecember 25, 2021
Live CDNo

Windows Crystal Edition (otherwise known as Windows 3.1 Crystal Version from the wallpaper) is a bootleg Windows for Workgroups 3.11 distribution, which was created by an unknown author. It released on July 26, 2006, and was added to the archive on December 25, 2021.


The bootleg is a modified Windows for Workgroups 3.11 distribution which primarily focuses on giving the OS a Windows 95 look using Calmira, which is the entire namesake and purpose of this bootleg.

It has a strange installation procedure. Since the actual OS is contained in a 7z file and not a conventional ISO, you have to manually make an ISO image of the 7z contents and then insert it into a DOS machine to install it. Not to mention that it also requires an existing MS-DOS installation to work!

It is presumed that this bootleg was intended to be used with Virtual PC 2004, since this bootleg comes with the VPC 2004 version of Virtual Machine Additions.

Changes from Windows for Workgroups 3.11

Changes in pre-desktop procedures

  • New boot graphics, featuring the Neptune logo and Calmira branding

Look and feel

  • New wallpaper, also with the Neptune logo, but also with gray text saying "Windows 3.1 Crystal Version"


  • Microsoft Word 6.0a
  • WinZip 6.3 SR-1
  • Paint Shop Pro 2.01

Customization Utilities

  • Makeover 1.0
  • Calmira II 3.3 (in French)

DOS software

  • Virtual Machine Additions 2004


Even though this bootleg mostly focuses on supporting Virtual PC 2004, Virtual PC 2007 was used to take these screenshots regardless. No issues were found and everything worked fine.