Windows XP Crazy Mouse

Windows XP Crazy Mouse
Crusty Windows bootleg
The desktop of Windows XP Crazy Mouse
The desktop of Windows XP Crazy Mouse
Original OSWindows XP SP3
Release dateOctober 30, 2012
AuthorMahmoud Gamal
Architecture(s)x86 (32-bit)
File size685.2 MiB
Download linkWindows Xp Crazy Mouse.iso
Date addedJuly 20, 2023
Live CDNo

Windows XP Crazy Mouse (also known as Windows Crazy Mouse XP 2013) is a bootleg Windows XP SP3 edition, which was created by Mahmoud Gamal (full name: Mahmoud Gamal Abd Elati). It released on October 30, 2012, and was added to the archive on July 20, 2023.

There is another bootleg made by the same person, which serves the same purpose Crazy Mouse does (as a matter of fact, it uses assets from it). It came out 8 months after this bootleg did. The concept is executed a lot better (because unlike this mod there aren't any "mini-bootlegs" (individual modified XP distributions coming in various themes), but rather use the OS look configuration system instead which is much more efficient), and there is more effort put into it. It has more programs than this bootleg does.

Other people have also used assets from this bootleg, such as Windows Al-Mohtaref and Windows Fouda XP 2012, and more. This bootleg is one of the more popular ones for asset ripping, and would soon become inspiration for many bootleggers.


The bootleg is a modified Windows XP SP3 ISO. It comes with a boot selector. Through it, you can access useful utilities like Partition Magic 8.0 Build 1242 (mislabeled as Partition Magic 8.5), Norton Ghost 2003 (cracked, registered to lk of bap) and a DOS shell (a Windows 98 boot disk).

There are 9 different "mini bootlegs" bundled, which come with extra programs. You can pick which "mini bootleg" you want through the boot selector, along with the extra programs if you wish. You can also just install the regular bootleg, if you so desire.

The "mini bootlegs" all serve various purposes, such as "Arabic Screen" being an Arabic version of English Windows XP (which is done by automatically applying the Arabic language on startup), and "Crystal" being Windows XP, with the theme applied onto it. Most of them have consistencies between them, such as always changing the text-mode setup OS text, and changing the full name and organization.

The bootleg itself isn't all that special - it just comes with a new look, an icon set, a Windows 7 sound scheme, and some programs.

It comes with one theme and wallpaper, and changed up graphics slightly. It comes with registry tweaks. It comes with its own autorun. Through it, you can access .NET Framework 2 and 4, and install the extra programs.

It is unattended, and preactivated. The ISO was made using nLite, the autorun was made with AutoPlay Media Studio, and the boot selector used was EasyBoot 6.0.

Changes from Windows XP SP3

Minor changes

  • The text-mode setup OS text is changed

Changes in pre-desktop procedures

  • New setup graphics
  • New boot screen
  • New login graphics

Look and feel

  • New default theme, and wallpaper
  • New Windows 7 sound scheme
  • New cursor set
  • New icon set
  • New avatar set
  • The Segoe UI font is included


  • Fast Explorer Shell Extension

Customization Utilities

  • VistaDriveIcon


  • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 SP2

Software on the CD

  • Active@ ISO Burner
  • CCleaner 3.17.1689
  • CoolPDF Reader
  • SlimBrowser 6.01.076
  • Winamp 5.63 Lite
  • WinRAR 4.20

Mini-bootleg software

Windows XP Vista Live

Customization Utilities:

  • TrueTransparency 1.4 (comes with one new skin, Vissta (sic) Live)
  • Styler (comes with one new skin, CZM LIVE)
  • ViStart
  • VistaDriveIcon
Windows XP Vista Ultimate

Customization Utilities:

  • TrueTransparency 1.4 (comes with one new skin, Vissta (sic) Live)
  • Styler (comes with two new skins, Vista CZM and CZM LIVE)
  • ViStart
  • Vista Rainbar 4.3
Software (Windows XP 7 Ultimate)

Customization Utilities:

  • TrueTransparency 1.4 (comes with one new skin, Vissta (sic) Live)
  • Styler (comes with one new skin, Windows 7 ToolbarOnly CZM)
  • BorderSkin
  • ViStart
  • Seven Rainmeter
  • VistaDriveIcon
Software (Windows XP 8 Devolper (sic) Preview)

Customization Utilities:

  • TrueTransparency 1.4 (comes with one new skin, Vissta Live)
  • Styler (comes with one new skin, Devolper CZM)
  • BorderSkin (comes with new skin)
  • ViStart Nightly Version 2.0 build 3738
  • Seven Rainmeter
  • VistaDriveIcon
Software (Windows XP Ubuntu)

Customization Utilities:

  • Styler (comes with two new skins, Ubuntu CZM and Devolper CZM)
  • RocketDock 1.3.5 (comes with new icon set)


Mini-bootleg related commentary

  • "Windows XP Arabic Screen" and "Windows XP English Screen" are the only bootlegs that do not have any Support Information.
  • "Windows XP Arabic Screen" automatically applies the Arabic language on startup.
  • "Windows XP Crystal" has the same boot screen as the stock bootleg.
  • Both "Windows XP Vista Live", "Windows XP Vista Ultimate" and "Windows XP 7 Ultimate" have the Windows Vista boot screen applied to it. The former's Run dialog has been modified to have the Windows 7 look. The font there is corrupted, though. Both Windows XP Vista Live and Vista Ultimate have ViStart's start menu edited to have two new links relating to the author's website added to it. The other mini-bootlegs do not have custom boot screens.
  • "Windows XP Vista Live" and "Windows XP Vista Ultimate" are the only bootlegs that have custom Run branding.
  • "Windows XP Vista Ultimate" has the setup modified to look like Windows Vista's. It has had 2 new themes added (3 of them being duplicates).
  • "Windows XP 8 Devolper (sic) Preview"'s setup graphics is just 7 Ultimate's, but with a different setup background.

CD contents and other info

  • The CD has its own icon.

WINNT.SIF metadata

  • The computer name is "CZM".
  • The full name and organization is set to "Windows Crazy Mouse" and "Mahmoud Gamal" respectively.


"Mini Bootlegs"

Windows XP Arabic Screen

Windows XP English Screen

Windows XP Crystal

Windows XP Vista Live

Windows XP Vista Ultimate


Windows XP 7 Ultimate

Windows XP 8 Devolper (sic) Preview

Windows XP Ubuntu

Windows XP Rasoul Allah (also known as Windows XP Ella Rasoual Allah)