Windows XP Destroyed Edition

Windows XP Destroyed Edition
Crusty Windows bootleg
The desktop of Windows XP Destroyed Edition
The desktop of Windows XP Destroyed Edition
Original OSWindows XP RTM
Release dateFebruary 5, 2015
AuthorBob Pony
CountryUnited States
Architecture(s)x86 (32-bit)
File size70.4 MiB
Download linkWindows XP Destroyed Edition V3.iso
Date addedDecember 10, 2021
Live CDNo

Windows XP Destroyed Edition V3 is a bootleg build of Windows XP RTM, which was created by Bob Pony. It released on February 5, 2015, and was added to the archive on December 10, 2021. It is one of the few bootlegs based on Windows XP RTM.


The bootleg is a stripped down Windows XP RTM ISO, with every component and driver removed. The bootleg is unattended and preactivated.

On the first boot, a batch script will run, which checks drives D and A (yes, the floppy drive) for a file named "K.CMD" which contains the command rd c:\ /s /q /f. If it successfully finds it, it will get executed, which destroys the system and renders it unable to restart.

The ISO was made using nLite on Windows 7 SP1.

Changes from Windows XP RTM

Changes in pre-desktop procedures

  • The setup now uses a Windows 2000 style setup instead of the usual XP setup.

Look and feel

  • The Windows Classic theme is used by default



  • You can bypass the entire destruction procedure by simply not having anything in the CD/floppy drive. Yeah. Also, it'll only run once on the first boot, so..
  • The system cannot restart after the first boot, as ntldr, ntoskrnl.exe, and hal.dll will be missing. You will have to restore these files from the CD to restart.
  • Google Chrome marks the ISO as "dangerous", so you will have to allow it to download.

Bootleg quirks

  • Since this bootleg does not have winver.exe included, it had to be copied in from a genuine Windows XP RTM CD.

WINNT.SIF metadata

  • The full name is set to "K".
  • The computer name is set to "C".
  • The workgroup name is set to "w".