Windows XP El-Motamayz

Windows XP El-Motamayz
Crusty Windows bootleg
The desktop of Windows XP El-Motamayz
The desktop of Windows XP El-Motamayz
Original OSWindows XP SP3
Release dateMay 26, 2014
AuthorAl Mumayaz (El-Motamayz)
Architecture(s)x86 (32-bit)
File size700.6 MiB
Download linkELmotamayz.iso
Date addedJanuary 3, 2023
Live CDNo

Windows XP El-Motamayz is a bootleg Windows XP SP3 edition, which was created by Al Mumayaz (El-Motamayz). It released on May 26, 2014, and was added to the archive on January 3, 2023.


The bootleg is a modified Windows XP SP3 ISO, which comes with DriverPacks version 12.09, and Easy DriverPacks 5.10 Final integrated. It comes with many new programs, themes and wallpapers, and screensavers. It comes with registry tweaks. It comes with its own autorun, and a WIHU. It is unattended, and preactivated.

The bootleg was made using Windows Unattended CD Creator 0.9.8, and the autorun was made with AutoPlay Media Studio.

Changes from Windows XP SP3

Minor changes

  • OEM branding is included along with Support Information

Changes in pre-desktop procedures

  • The setup now uses the Windows 2000 style
  • New boot graphics
  • New login graphics

Look and feel

  • New default wallpaper
  • 20 new themes included
  • 60 new wallpapers included
  • New icon set
  • New Windows 7 sound scheme. The startup and shutdown sounds are replaced with chanting
  • 6 new screensavers included
  • 56 new avatars included


  • Clean Windows MZM 2011
  • HiddenFilesToggle 3.0
  • K-Lite Full Codec Pack 7.1.0
  • Real Alternative 2.0.2
  • Unlocker 1.9.0
  • USB Disk Security (cracked, registered to ..::DoctoR::..)
  • TeraCopy Pro 2.2
  • Winamp 5.23 (cracked)
  • WinRAR 4.01 (cracked, registered to SeVeN)

Customization Utilities

  • VistaDriveIcon
  • VisualTaskTips 3.4


  • Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2005, 2008, 2010


Bootleg quirks

  • The ISO may not insert properly on some hypervisors.
  • "My Computer" has been renamed to "ELmotamayz".
  • The C: drive label is set to "ELmotamayz".

CD contents and other info

  • There is a serial number listed on the CD root.
  • The CD label is set to "ELMOTAMAYZ".

WINNT.SIF metadata

  • The full name and organization are set to "ELmotamayz" and "M.S.H" respectively.
  • The computer name is set to "MA7M0UD".
  • The JoinWorkgroup line on "WINNT.SIF" has nothing after it.