Windows XP Extended Edition Codename Freedom

Windows XP Extended Edition Codename Freedom
Crusty Windows bootleg
The desktop of Windows XP Extended Edition Codename Freedom
The desktop of Windows XP Extended Edition Codename Freedom
Original OSWindows XP SP3
Release dateAugust 14, 2008
Architecture(s)x86 (32-bit)
File size963.6 MiB
Download linkWindows XP Pro Hu Freedom III.iso
Date addedAugust 2023
Live CDNo

Windows XP Extended Edition (codename Freedom) is a bootleg Windows XP SP3 edition, which was created as part of the Extended Edition series by BigHEAD. It released on August 14, 2008 and was added to the archive in August 2023.


The bootleg is a modified Windows XP SP3 ISO. It comes with some themes, many WindowBlinds skins and wallpapers, and programs.

On the first boot of the OS, said WindowBlinds skins and the "Extras" will get installed, and then the OS will reboot. You can find the Extras in the Start menu Programs and you can uninstall it at any time.

It is one of the only Extended Edition releases to not have any boot loaders, PEs or even a WPI of any kind, and one of the few to use WindowBlinds.

An autorun does exist, but it's just stock autorun with changed strings.

It is unattended and preactivated.

Changes from Windows XP SP3

Minor changes

  • The Run icon is changed
  • OEM branding is included, along with Support Information

Changes in pre-desktop procedures

  • New setup graphics
  • New boot graphics
  • New login graphics

Look and feel

  • New default theme (and soon WindowBlinds skin), and wallpaper
  • 40 new wallpapers included
  • 8 new screensavers included
  • New sound scheme


  • Adobe Flash Player 9.0
  • DAEMON Tools 4.10
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • PowerTC (based on Total Commander 7.03; cracked, registered to BigHEAD)
  • QuickTime 7.4.5
  • Unlocker 1.8.6
  • WinRAR 3.71 (cracked, registered to cafevn; comes with WinRAR Vista Ultimate Revamped Theme)
  • Windows Live Messenger 8.5.1302.1018 (in Hungarian)

Customization Utilities

  • RocketDock 1.3.5
  • TrueTransparency 0.9.4 (comes with 18 skins)
  • UberIcon 1.0.4
  • ViStart BETA 6 Build 3167
  • Visual Task Tips 3.2
  • Visual Tooltip 2.2
  • WinFlip 0.42
  • WindowBlinds 6.0 build 33 (cracked)
  • Windows Sidebar


  • InstallShield Script Engine
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 1, 2
  • Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2005
  • Microsoft Web Services Enhancements
  • UPHClean

Browser Extensions and Themes

Mozilla Firefox 3.0.1

  • Download Statusbar
  • IE Tab 1.5.20080618
Incompatible extensions
CustomizeGoogle 0.72


Bootleg quirks

  • The taskbar is unlocked.

WINNT.SIF metadata

  • The full name and organization is set to "PowerXP" and "MS-Users".
  • The computer name is set to "Freedom".
  • The workgroup name is set to "MUNKACSOPORT".



WindowBlinds skins

TrueTransparency skins