Windows XP Ultimate Edition

{{Infobox bootleg |screenshot = UltimateEdition-Desktop.png |original_os = Windows XP SP3 |release_date = March 30, 2008 |creator = Johnny |country = Portugal |language = English |arch = x86 (32-bit) |size = 4.2 GB |download = Windows XP Ultimate Edition (by Johnny) [April2008-R3.8}}.iso] Not to be confused with Windows XP Ultimate Edition VALR.

Windows XP Ultimate Edition is a bootleg Windows XP SP3 edition, which was created by Johnny. It released on March 30, 2008, and was added to the archive on September 11, 2022.


The bootleg is a modified Windows XP SP3 ISO. The goal of this bootleg is to take the best elements from various different editions of Windows, such as Windows XP (the base for this mod, obviously), Windows XP Media Center Edition (the looks, and the enhancements), Windows Vista (the looks, and the software) and even Mac OS and Linux (only the looks for both of them), and combines them together to make "Windows XP Ultimate Edition".

It comes with some programs and themes. It comes with a decent amount of wallpapers, along with "DreamScene" wallpapers (really just HTM files linking to SWF files). It is preactivated.

Changes from Windows XP SP3

Changes in pre-desktop procedures

  • New setup graphics
  • New pre-OOBE graphics
  • New OOBE graphics
  • New login graphics

Look and feel

  • New default theme, and wallpaper
  • 7 new themes included
  • 49 new wallpapers included
  • 60 new 'DreamScene' wallpapers included
  • 15 new screensavers included
  • New icon set
  • 3 new cursor sets included
  • 3 new sound schemes included
  • 29 new gadgets included
  • 3 new fonts included
  • 43 new avatars included
  • 7 Windows Media Player skins included
  • 46 Windows Dancers included
  • The sample songs/pictures/videos/media from Windows Vista are all included


  • Alky for Applications 1.0
  • ALZip 7.0 beta 1
  • AVG 7.5.519
  • Adobe Reader 8
  • CCleaner
  • DeskSpace 1.5.1
  • Nero 8.0
  • Windows Defender
  • Windows Live Mail
  • Windows Live Messenger 8.5
  • Windows Live Photo Gallery 12.0
  • Windows Media Player Next Generation Visualisations

Customization Utilities

  • DeskSpace
  • LClock 1.0
  • QTAddressBar
  • QTTabBar
  • RKLauncher 0.41 (with a Leopard skin)
  • TopDesk
  • ViStart


  • Brutal Chess 0.5.2
  • Freecell
  • Shanghai Solitaire 0.2
  • Solitaire 0.1
  • Windows Vista Games


  • DirectX 9.0 March 2008
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 1.0, 1.0 SP3 1.1, 1.1 SP1, 3.5


Bootleg quirks

  • The Plus! themes won't load properly due to their theme files having invalid icon entries, in that they only have a "My Computer" entry and don't have the other entries. Without them, the theme won't work.

CD contents and other info

  • The autorun plays music.
  • You can find DVD covers in Nero CoverDesigner format in the covers folder on the CD root.