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Windows XP Ismailawy

Windows XP Ismailawy
Crusty Windows bootleg
The desktop of Windows XP Ismailawy
The desktop of Windows XP Ismailawy
Original OSWindows XP SP3
Release dateMay 11, 2017
AuthorGaber Samir
Architecture(s)x86 (32-bit)
File size700 MB
Download linkWindows XP Ismailawy.iso
Date addedJanuary 11, 2022
Live CDNo

Windows XP Ismailawy is a bootleg Windows XP SP3 edition, which was created by Gaber Samir. It released on May 11, 2017, and was added to the archive on January 11, 2022.


The bootleg is a modified Windows XP SP3 ISO, with DriverPacks 901r3 and SATA-RAID drivers integrated.

It is themed after the Ismaily Sporting Club. The OS has been updated with Windows 7 UI elements. It comes with many new programs, themes and wallpapers. There have been also screensavers, icons, cursors and sounds included as well.

It comes with its own autorun. Through it, you can install the OS, view information about the author, and browse the CD.

It is unattended, and preactivated. The bootleg was made using nLite, and the autorun was made with AutoPlay Media Studio The ISO was edited by the author with UltraISO

Changes from Windows XP SP3

Minor changes

  • The text-mode setup OS text is changed to "Windows Xp Ismailawy".
  • The Winver banner has been replaced with Windows 7's.
  • There is now a custom hidden files background.

Changes in pre-desktop procedures

  • New setup graphics. It features a fake Windows 7 setup window, and a beach wallpaper behind it
  • New boot graphics
  • New pre-OOBE graphics
  • New login graphics. It has been styled after the Windows 7 logon screen.

Look and feel

  • New default theme, wallpaper, icon set and cursors
  • 26 new themes included
  • 30 new wallpapers included
  • 3 new screensavers included
  • New Windows 7 icon set
  • New cursor scheme
  • 997 new cursors included (4 missing, supposed to be 1001)
  • New Windows Vista sound scheme
  • 80 new fonts included


  • Adobe Flash Player 11.8 r800
  • 7-Zip 9.38
  • AIMP 3.60 build 1503
  • Autorun Protection
  • CCleaner 4.3.4151
  • Google Chrome 33.0.1712.4
  • Foxit Reader
  • FastStone Image Viewer 3.9
  • Internet Download Manager 6.26 Build 12 (cracked, registered to Gaber Samir Gaber Mahmoud)
  • Mozilla Firefox 34.0b9
  • MPC-HC
  • Nero (portable, cracked, registered to Bernard GILET of PortableAppZ)
  • Perfect Uninstaller (cracked)
  • SuperCopier 2 Beta 1.9
  • TeamViewer 8.0.22298 (cracked)
  • UltraISO Premium Edition (cracked)
  • USB Disk Security (cracked)
  • uTorrent 3.3.2 build 30303
  • VLC Media Player 2.1.2
  • WinRAR 5.30 (cracked, registered to < D.T.C 2o13© * Corporate Edition >, comes with 5 themes)
  • Winamp
  • Yahoo! Messenger

Customization Utilities

  • Glass SysDM
  • RocketDock 1.3.1 (with Windows 7 icons)
  • UberIcon 1.0.4 (portable)
  • VistaDriveIcon


  • Fish
  • Living Waterfalls Screensaver
  • SimpleClockSaver



  • The "sysdm.cpl" in the "Regular sysdm.cpl" screenshot was sourced from a legitimate Windows XP ISO. Other than the full name and organization, no other notable changes were present, as it is stock.

Bootleg quirks

  • The "Beautiful waterfall" theme doesn't work because its icons go to nonexistent paths (in this case, it expects it to be in the Desktop directory of the user "XP 10"), and its cursors go to nonexistent paths (it expects it to be from the theme "Windows SEVEN"). To fix the icons, simply change each icon path ending before the filename to %WinDir%Resources\Themes\Beautiful waterfall\ico\.
  • The "ChelseaII" theme has an extra wallpaper that is unused. The "Hand" cursor path has the path to the cursor folder, but doesn't specify a filename, and the "IBeam" cursor path where the filename is supposed to be is just "{IBeam}". Both of the aforementioned cursors do not exist in the actual cursor set.
  • The "Ironman by VXD" theme has 2 other cursor sets included that don't get used. The theme was also downloaded from a Vietnamese website.
  • The "Ismailawy 02" theme's visual style path is for a theme named "Original The Last 02", which does not exist. To fix it, simply change Original The Last 02 to Ismailawy 02.
  • The "Naruto C" theme is supposed to have its own startup and shutdown sounds, but the folder where the sounds are don't exist.
  • The "UbuntuCZM" theme was sourced from Windows XP Crazy Mouse in case it wasn't obvious.
  • The "VistaXP" theme was sourced from Windows XP Crazy Mouse, because its original theme file is in the VistaXP folder.

CD contents and other info

  • The CD label is set to "WINDOWS XP ISMAI".
  • The CD has its own custom icon.

WINNT.SIF metadata

  • The full name and organization is set to "Windows Xp Ismailawy" and "Design By:Gaber Samir" respectively.
  • The computer name is set to "GABER_PC".
  • The workgroup name is set to "Sniper-TM".



Disclaimer: For any themes that don't specify a visual style, the default theme's one was used in its place.