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Gaber Samir Gaber Mahmoud is a 29-year old Egyptian Windows bootlegger who made Windows bootlegs from 2013-2019.

The Rise

In 2011, Gaber and his friends made a small forum for pirated games, movies, programs, bootlegs, etc. Gaber's friends had their own ideas, and Gaber was the most intelligent one out of them all, constantly thinking outside the box, and so on. Later, Gaber would start making bootlegs ever since popular Arabic downloading sites such as Arabseed, and EgyBest started requesting him to make bootlegs (keep in mind, he made them for free).

Gaber used various specialized programs including autorun makers and boot selector software, and utilized many key techniques to meticulously craft his bootlegs into the very best ones that they could be, adding in all kinds of programs, themes, registry tweaks thoroughly customizing the Windows experience, etc. He soon enough became notably popular for some of his bootlegs like Windows 7 Titanic Edition, Windows XP Ismailawy etc.

The Fall

That's when, the famous Russian wintuber, Enderman, made a video about some of Gaber's bootlegs, ruthlessly insulting and overly vindicating them, which lead for Gaber to have a hatebase all due to him. The reason why Enderman delivered such harsh criticism (if you can even call it criticism) to these bootlegs may be because he thought they were made recently, despite them being years old at the time.

And that's when his career of creating bootlegs came to an unfortunate close. In 2019, Gaber got an email from Microsoft, telling him to stop making bootlegs due to the fact that it constituted copyright infringement. Gaber had no choice then but to permanently stop making Windows bootlegs.

Currently, Gaber works as a math teacher and a programmer.

Gaber's YouTube channel:

Gaber's WhatsApp number: 01033764441

(Keep in mind that Gaber retired now. He no longer accepts any bootleg requests.)

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