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Windows Mac OS XP

Windows Mac Os Xp
Crusty Windows Legendary bootleg
Windows Mac OS XP. It's emotional.
Original OSWindows XP SP3
Forked fromWindows Extreme Seven 2009
Release date2012
AuthorFouad Laz
Country of OriginCairo, Egypt
Language(s)English, Arabic
Architecture(s)x86 (32-bit)
File size485 MB
Download linkwinmacosxp.iso
Date addedNovember 15th, 2021
Pre-Crusty Windows: July 30th, 2020

Windows Mac OS XP (also known as Windows Mac OX Pro XP 2012) is a bootleg Windows XP SP3 edition, which was created by the man, the myth, the legend, Fouad Laz himself. It made its debut in 2012, and was added to the archive on November 15th, 2021. It is one of the earliest known recorded bootlegs in the archive and the first bootleg ever archived to Crusty Windows. It is a huge source of inspiration (among MANY others, including Windows 7 Assassin's Creed) to start the Crusty Windows project.


The bootleg is a modified Windows XP SP3 ISO. The bootleg primarily focuses on theming the OS to Mac OS X's Aqua user interface, particularly Leopard's style, and including various (pirated) software programs and themes packaged in a self-extracting archive which is on the CD. It is forked from Windows Extreme Seven 2009, another Windows mod, but it is inferior compared to Mac OS XP. It is unattended and preactivated.

As for the tools used behind the scenes, the ISO was made with nLite, and the autorun was made with AutoPlay Media Studio 6.0, and the self-extractors were made with a mix of regular 7-Zip, SFXMaker 4.62 and many variations of modified WinRAR self-extractors.

Changes from Windows XP SP3

  • The autorun has been completely replaced with a brand new one made with AutoPlay Media Studio 6.0.
  • The text-mode setup OS text is changed to fit the OS.
  • The boot screen has had its logo replaced with the Mac logo.
  • The setup routine has been modified to include additional software packaged in a 7-Zip self-extracting archive, which will be installed during the Setup.
  • New setup graphics, with updated wallpapers and billboard descriptions. Leftover Windows Extreme Seven 2009 branding is present.
  • The OOBE segment has been completely removed as part of the unattended setup. Only the OOBE video remains.
  • New Mac OS Leopard style theme with icons has been added and is set as the default theme.
  • A new set of 21 wallpapers has been added. The alternate name of the bootleg ("Windows Mac OX Pro XP 2012") and the Mac OS logo are present in all of them.
  • New default wallpaper. Unlike the other wallpapers, the name of the bootleg is just "Windows Mac OS XP".
  • New Mac OS Leopard style default cursor set.
  • New default icon set.
  • New default sound scheme.
  • A new screensaver has been added to the system and made the default, that being a Windows port of the Flurry screensaver from Mac OS X.
  • A special post-setup macro routine which runs on startup has been added. The macro automatically creates shortcuts by taking control of the mouse and delicately positioning it in specific ways.
  • A fully working Mac OS X Leopard style dock complete with beautiful skeuomorphic icons ripped straight from Mac OS itself has been added thanks to a program called RK Launcher being included, which now runs on startup and is positioned to the bottom, as it should be in Mac OS.
  • Many visual system elements such as window dialogs, menus and even the taskbar has been given a shadow with the exact precision which could only be ever replicated by the truly gifted sons of God, all thanks to a program called Y'z Shadow being included.
  • OEM branding has been added.
  • The taskbar has been repositioned to the top of the screen. A special AutoHotKey script was used to do this.
  • The Internet Explorer default home page has been changed to "".
  • The Mozilla Firefox default home page has been changed to "".
  • UXTheme, the theme engine of Windows XP, has been patched to allow unsigned visual styles to work, allowing the Mac OS theme of this OS to be experienced in all of its glory.


  • Alfa Autorun Killer 2.0
  • K-Lite Codec Pack 4.7.0
  • Mozilla Firefox 3.6.24
  • Internet Download Manager 5.18 (modified)
Internet Download Manager is one of the most popular download managers, which boosts downloading performance by orders of magnitude and even has a sleek looking UI which looks straight out of the 2000's has been modified to come with one extra theme: "Koushik Halder". It also has been cracked, like WinRAR.
  • Winamp
  • WinRAR 3.90 (modified)
WinRAR is a popular archiver program, even more so than 7-Zip, and out-classes even WinAce by a small margin, has been modified to be cracked and registered to "DamasGate Lover". It now comes with three themes, all of them being Vista-related: Vista WinRAR 64x, Vista Ultimate 48x48 and WINRAR Vista V7 48*48.
  • Yahoo Messenger
  • Small.CH.A Removal (titled WINDOWS MAC OS VIRUS REMOVEL TOOL.EXE on the desktop)


  • Flurry Screensaver

Customization Utilities

  • RK Launcher 0.41.0 (modified)
  • Y'z Shadow


  • Windows Mac OS XP shares many similiarities to its parent mod Windows Extreme Seven 2009 internally, such as leftover Extreme Seven branding in its self-extractors and graphical setup text.
  • Mozilla Firefox starts in Offline Mode by default.
  • Mozilla Firefox comes with one bookmark, which goes to "".
  • The Mozilla Firefox self-extractor's comment is "Silent installer Mozilla Firefox", yet the actual Mozilla Firefox executable's version is specified as 3.6.24.
  • The "Leopard By Hamed" theme does not work due to a broken INI file pointing at non-existent paths. The styles and cursors and icons it attempts to load has "LSP_Files" in the beginning of the path, but since that folder does not exist, the theme will not load. Additionally, the wallpaper and screensaver and sounds also point to a non-existent path, but even if you clear "LSP_Files" from the path, it still won't work because neither of those files exist in any of the directories it tries to load the files from.
  • The "MacOs" theme has the same problem as the "Leopard By Hamed" theme.
  • Supposedly, there are 18 "MacOS" themes, but there are only 11 listed.